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Hello!  New member to the comm.  Thought I'd introduce myself!
My FH and I are getting married December 4, 2009 at the St. Thomas More Newman Center in Columbus.  We're about half way through the marriage prep process.  We've met with the priest twice, done the FOCCUS and are going over the results.  We meet with him in a couple of weeks again, and this time it's all about religion.  This is going to be fun.
While we are both Catholic, he's more technically Catholic.  It's not that he's a non-practicing Catholic.  He was baptized, had first communion, and confirmed, but he has never been Catholic.  His parents thought that in order to go to a Catholic school you had to be Catholic.  He's never felt comfortable in church (he gets panic attacks).  But because it means so much to me, he's going to somehow make it through the wedding.  So the next meeting is going to be an interesting one. :)

What sort of hymns are you (or did you) play at your wedding? 
I have no idea what hymns to play at my wedding and i need some place to brainstorm. 

Being married by a bishop

I got engaged on the weekend.  YAY. 

Just got a phone call from our Bishop to congratulate me which i thought was lovely. 
I'd love the Bishop to do my wedding.  Is their some sort of protocol to asking a Bishop to marry you?  Would it seem rude to not use the parish priest?
The Bishop has only done one wedding in his time in this diocese, and that was for one of the secretaries in his office, so i don't think its standard practice. 
Anyway, i'm probably pushing it to want the Bishop.  i'm marrying a son of pentecostal preachers, and i think the fact he's marrying in the Catholic Church is enough for them without bringing in the Bishop as well. It is a possibility I'd like to explore, though. 

The bishop got a good laugh out of the engagement, because last week when i saw him he said "So, you and this young chap, how serious is that?" and 2 days later the young chap proposed to me. 
EE 039

This weekend was Engaged Encounter- a Catholic retreat for couples seriously considering marriage (engaged or not), led by already-married couples, meant to focus on issues within a marriage.

It also brought us closer that we’ve ever been before.

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And, of course, there are pictures. Enjoy!

hope you allow us married folks in...

My wedding was almost a year about (Sept 8, 2007), but since I've been through the planning and execution of a Catholic wedding, I thought I would join so I can help those in the process!

So what do you think... Gather us In for the gathering hymn. Too dark for a wedding? I like the words, but it's not exactly cheery, musically.
I am so excited I cried.

So, I'm Catholic. Fiance isn't, but we're having a Catholic wedding because it's very very important to me and he supports that and all whatnot. However, he hates the process. Okay, it's frustrating, but it's important. Anyway, I wanted to go to the Engaged Encounter weekend instead of the one-day Pre Cana powerpoint-and-coffee deal. He refused, didn't want to be around people, didn't want to be with the Church for the weekend, was too expensive... every reason imaginable. It really meant a lot to me to go because pretty much everyone I know who went said it was the most amazing experience ever. It meant a lot to me, and he knew it did, but he said he just couldn't handle the social aspect of it for a whole weekend.

Well, Bozo (aka Fiance) ditched me and went out of town last weekend with friends instead of to the beach with me like I'd been begging and he'd ben saying we couldn't afford. I was upset, but I let him go. Right before he left, he told me he knew I was upset, and was I really okay with him going. I said yes, I just wish you wouldn't make exceptions for friends you can't make for me because it makes me feel really marginalized.

He said he understood and hadn't really thought about NOT going with me, had just thought about GOING with them. So he said to hang on a sec and checked a buncha stuff online.

Anyway, what all of that led up to is: WE'RE GOING TO ENGAGED ENCOUNTER! He said he did make a mistake and ignored my feelings and had to make it up to me. Since I made a sacrifice letting him go, he made one for me. I don't know how else to word this to say just how excited I am. This is really a dream come true, as far as our impending marriage goes, and I am sosososososososo happy!
This page existed before, but was very barren. I just MAJORLY updated it, so I thought I'd share. I know some information is still missing, but it IS still 9 months away.

Our TheKnot Site

What do you think? Anything important missing, or badly etiquetted?

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Okay, so here's a Catholic wedding-ish question... is it bad form to get a picture of you wiht your godparents if your fiance isn't Catholic/doesn't have any?
Hey, all! Welcome to catholicbride. I know the userinfo is a bit barren right now, but I'm in the middle of finals week (I'm a senior at the University of Florida), so I promise I'll tend to it more later!

Anyway, I hope this community will be helpful for those of us planning or participating in Catholic weddings, since we have a lot more detail to pay attention to than a lot of other couples, and we have one of the richest matrimonial traditions! So join, chat, post, be merry! Make this place home.